Here’s to the ones that we got…

Thanks for joining us!

…there are times when you look up and realize that the plot of your life doesn’t make sense to you anymore. You thought you were following the arc of the story, but you keep finding yourself immersed in passages you don’t understand. Either everything seems important or nothing does. It’s a tangled mess of moments that don’t even seem to belong in the same genre, that keeping changing depending on what you choose to highlight. (Link)

A few years back we decided to send postcards to our future-selves, reminding us of the day we spent travelling. It became a hobby, and now every trip, every new town that we visit, we send a postcard. 5years later we have over 100 postcards and counting. Some never reach their destination, but most do and when we are having a tough day, these postcards remind us of the good times we have had. Time capsules of happy memories…

We thought of sharing these postcards and the goofy things that we have written on them.

I am Epi, a hoarder, I collect postcards, fridge magnets and coins. My wife P who is the dreamer , collects stories and clicks pictures.

*All pictures shown belong to us

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